FIRST POSTED: 14/04/18

  1. Why you should always undo your shoelaces by pulling the shorter of the two threads.
  2. Why it’s easier to dry both hands if they’re wet than it is to dry only one wet hand.
  3. Why we remove our shoes without untying the laces to save time, then use up that time undoing the laces when it’s time to put the shoes back on.
  4. How the Vatican decides when Easter falls, and why we leave a decision like this to the Vatican.
  5. Why we still have monarchies in the 21st century.
  6. Why Narwhals have such long tusks.
  7. How to tell a White Wagtail from a Pied Wagtail.
  8. If it’s really better to wait.
  9. If regret is worse than embarrassment.
  10. Who to trust.
  11. If nationalism is a bad thing in general or only others countries’ nationalism.
  12. If there really is a god, why she gave sugar and salt the same texture, colour and appearance.
  13. Why so many kitchens in films have a camera inside the fridge looking out, and how come the lens doesn’t get misted up.
  14. Why Joaquim Maria Puyal refers to both *Barça footballers (Luís Suárez and Dennis Suárez) as ‘Suárez’ when they’re on the field together, but when Luís gets substituted, or is banned, he refers to Dennis Suárez as ‘Dennis’.

    *Neither player now plays for Barcelona Football Club.

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