FIRST POSTED: 17/04/16

I’m reading a Finnish detective novel called Nothing but the Truth (by Jarkko Sipila) and although I’m enjoying it, my pleasure is reduced because of the confusion caused by the high number of characters whose surnames begin with the letter K. This book has kops, sorry, I mean cops called Karila, Kafka, Kulta, Kohonen and Kannas. The chief villain is called Korpi. Fortunately the lead detective is called Takamakï, but his first name is Kari and his wife and son are called Kaarina and Kalle, respectively.

I wouldn’t mind so much but I’ve just finished the Martin Beck series of novels which had three cops who were named… wait for it: Kurt Kvant, Karl Kristiansson and Kenneth Kvastmo.

Krazy, huh?


  1. Late seeing this, but intrigued, I did some research (i.e. I couldn’t be arsed to do some real work). But kouldn’t kome up with a komplete answer (and now I’m sounding like the person who used to name the Kinks’ albums way back).

    Did, however, find this comment on GoodReads “Good story but the abundance of Finnish characters made it difficult to follow.”

    Which got me thinking of how to review, say, Hawking’s BHoT “Good story but the abundance of science made it difficult to follow”.

    Dickens: “Good story but the abundance of Victorian characters made it difficult to follow”.

    Ad infinitum/nauseum


  2. A pleasure as always to contribute to Kollagenikov. Any more posts upcoming?

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